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Do you ever get this funny feeling that you're getting the hang of this world? Well, you're all wrong, its too big, too wonderful, you can't forget, welcome to Enfascination 2011.

Enfascination is a place and time set aside for the little fascinations of anyone who would like to share, transmitted from each of you to the others of you. Take some small facet of the sum of human nescience, something that causes you wonder, and get it all across in five minutes. Since 2003, Enfascination has supported the transmission of hundreds of trivial zingers to as many minds, all around the USoA.

This years talks were recorded. Below you will find audio and/or video.


Enfascinations Past

The Content of the Eighth Annual Enfascination Lectures

Brief Introduction

Thanks to Tony and the aliens, and Paul.

Images of Rural India

The Opposites Game

Reconciling Subjectivity and Objectivity

German Compund Words

audio only, sorry Rob


audio only, sorry Luci

Manipulating Children

audio only, sorry Lisa

Physics of Time

first half audio, second half video

Animal Training on Humans

Constructed Languages

This Week's Weather

The XYZs of Body Language

Bengime, Revisited

Abbie's first talk about Bengime

Light Filtration Through Orchards

Our Limits in Visualizing High Dimensional Spaces

Replacing the Corporation as the Unit of Economic Activity

Female Orgasm

Sex Magic

Twin Studies