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Yeti is a contraction fro rock bear in tibetan or nepalese.

If you are in the himalyas and see a yeti, it is likley actualy

  • a monkey
  • a blue bear
  • a red bear
  • a loping wolf

The term abominable snowman was coined by a writer for 'the statesmen' in calcutta. The word was dirty and he translated it to abominable

Notes from a real expedition:

"So these are the himalyas, mountasin racing to the moon....canvas of sky...nothing but queit. Yeti, down there we'vgot the plhabet...yeti, crime is not all we're up to, not every sentence means death. we've inherited hope...yeti we've got shakespeare there, at night fall we turn light on...Yeti, up here tear drops freeze...everlasting snow."

Remember, the yeti is friendly, you can pet him. abominable was a cruel mistranslation.

There is only one Yeti, The Yeti.

'That's Outrageous'