Words with doubles give me troubles

Here is a list I’ve been maintaining for myself for a few years now:

  • successful
  • occurring
  • acceleration
  • vanilla
  • corollary
  • Jennifer
  • accommodate
  • appalling
  • embarrassing
  • beginning
  • Renaissance
  • happening
  • questionnaire
  • recommendation
  • tomorrow
  • etiquette
  • graffiti
  • terrific
  • necessary and necessarily
  • traveling
  • Caribbean
  • committee
  • commitment
  • committed
  • commission
  • commodity
  • interrupted
  • palette
  • modeling
  • asymmetry
  • occurrence
  • my colleague Mubbasir (who says he gets Mubassir regularly (i.e. not just from me))
  • dissemination
  • assessment
  • Moroccan
  • satellite
  • reconnaissance
  • possession
  • accessible
  • vacillation
  • palette

You’ll notice that most of these have a double. This says something (to me) about how we (I) encode words. I seem to be sensitive to whether a words has double letters or not, but not where they go or even how many pairs of doubles there are. The result is that even if you a word has doubles, it’s often tough to remember where the double goes (Is it “grafitti” or “graffiti”?), and also to know if a word should have one pair or two (“graffiti” or “graffitti”?). Call this a heterophenomenological dispatch from my head to yours.


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