Who is science_of_craft and why is he on my Minecraft server?

I am studying Minecraft servers, and the way they are run. But there are a lot of servers out there, so, to get data efficiently I have a script logging my user, science_of_craft, into thousands of servers. science_of_craft collects your version, plugins, number of players online, and also more detailed things like the signs that are posted near spawn. “Science of craft” is a translation of “technology.”

science_of_craft should just stand there before logging off and moving on to the next server. But if he is causing problems for you, you can either ban him or contact me (moctodliamg at the same thing backwards) and I’ll get him off your back.

If you are a server administrator who got a visit from s_o_c, thank you for tolerating this project, and thank you for doing what you do. I think it’s valuable, that’s why I’m studying it.


I’ve heard from many of you. I’ve been gratified to see that no one has seemed annoyed, or anything but interested. Thank you for your encouragement and patience. I’m not publishing any comments, but I am reading and responding to them.

The most common question that is coming up is “how did you find my server?” I’ve been getting lists from a few public sources: Reddit, a couple big minecraft server list sites, and shodan.io. If you saw me on your server that isn’t advertised or visited by anyone you don’t know, the answer to your question is probably shodan.io. If you don’t like it, let me know that it’s a problem and if there’s anything I can do.


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