List of Google Scholar advanced search operators

I’m posting this because it was surprisingly hard to find. That is partly because, as far as I can tell, you don’t need it. Everything I could find is already implemented in Scholar’s kind-of-hidden visual interface to Advanced Search. The only possible exception is site:, which Advanced Search doesn’t off, but source: supersedes a bit. Standard things like “”, AND, OR, (), plus, and minus are as-is and well documented.

Beyond that, I didn’t find much:

  1. allintitle: — conduct the whole search over paper titles
  2. allintext: — conduct the whole search over paper texts
  3. author: — search within a specific author.
  4. source: — search within a specific journal
  5. site: — search within a specific site

There are no operators for years that I could find, you have to use the sidebar or as_ylo and as_yhi parameters in the url (e.g.


allintitle: receptor hormone “peptide receptor” -human author:”y chen” source:journal


operator operators advanced search special keywords complete academic list


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