DIY Backpacking

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Backpacked in from Dorchester. He made the backpack.

What do you need when you go backpacking? Warm Water Food



Clothes Blanket or sleeping bag (well say sleeping bag) maybe a tent


bottle purifier


Stove Gas Food

also maybe a map, compass, raingear, light and, to carry it all, a backpack

This talk takes care of sleeping bag, tent and stove

This right here is a blanket pack.

built from chute cord, webbing and a blanket

blanket is the sleeping bag poncho is a tent.

Thought was put into what knots.

It has everything in it, laptop, firedrill.

Charlies favorite stove is a tin can.

epoxy and aluminum cans

pur alcohol, light it, have homemade pot stand, put pan on

tin cup is a great bowl and can go in to the fire

a lid to put out the stove

alcohol beats gas for shrot trips.. lower energy density.

big poncho, about 8 feet acroos. army surplus poncho is the way to go. big, can be a tent. use the strap and chute cord that made the backpack.

not pretty but it works. a wool blanket is best because it stays warm after it gets wet. vegetable matter will keep you warm, just gather it up.

Atelast 5 different kinds of tents from the poncho, for different conditions.

having trees around helps a lot.

now the blanket pack

Lay it out

fold on third over

put contents on the part that just got folded

stick flat comfy things where your back will be.

pile stuff on flat thing fold other third over everything

start rolling, keep it tight (more comfy to carry), roll from the packed side. before rolling all the way, unfoled the third to create a sort of pounch and lets you pack the sides. also creates a flap on top.

bundle is pretty secure, but can now be wrapped.

a simple loop at the end of the rope.

tie a package bundle: about fifteen feet of cord. tie around one third up. make a second loop at the other third. Must be tight, or the whole pack will start to come loose and be not comfortable or fall apart. tiearound the length of it. a bunch of knots for style, but not Reallyimportant, necessarily.

Than make shoulder straps with your webbing.

straps over the top of the pack. suspended from the chute cord that tied shut the pack. about 12 fet of webbing. you can try it on and tie it off as its comfy.

there is some extra cord dangling. that is for the poncho, goes on last, kept you stuff dry while you were packing and stays handy if the rain comes back.