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Art filmmaker, started out in propaganda (goernment work)

Early: many shots have longs shots of phone booths and such with a narrator, or long lists that could plausibly come from an actual plot elsewhere

Later started making movies with plots and actors

influenced by vermeer, french new wave trouffant(sp?) and gouddard(sp?)

First feature length film was somewhere between the list based narrator driven work and charactes with stories

Called the Falls, 92 fictional biographies. Brds, flight food death, all victims are immortal and were victims of a horrible event.

They all learn one of 92 languages that only the other vctims can speak, they all take on aspects of birds like growing feathers.

If someone were to come in halfway, they would have no suspicion that the thing is fictional, and would be drawn in.

First: Clip #7 of 92 Falls: Lacer Fallacet

Like any good art director, he has many idas of what 'film should be'. he doesn't like that narrative dominates film. he takes advantage of it as a medium and does things with it that you can't with other media (sorry thatis a bit vague).

Second Clip: A Zed and two Noughts: two men whose wives both died in absurd circumstances/car wrecks.

Third Clip: The Pillow Book

You will see him come through art theaters

he does his own storyboarding and directing, he also makes all the art that appears in the movies.

This all came out of a talk Micah gave a few months ago