Some cultural differences between Japan and the US

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Been here in Boston for one month, from Boston

Convenience stores: not convienient. you can't get rice bowls or lunch boxes.

in japan, you buy a lunch box, and clerk offers to warm it up. i say yes please adn they warm it in the microwave. If i buy a cup of noodle's cleark offers hot water. This doesnt' happen in the us. This is the first thing i noticed.

second. driver's license: most people in japan go to driving school. they study traffic rules and practice driving for many hours. if you want to get a license injapan you need $3,000. its expensive. inthe us, its about $100.

third: trash. people inthe US don't separate their trash. people in japan must sort trash into some categories. in Nagoya the trash rules ar ethe most strict. people in Nagoya must divide the trash into five categories: Burnable non-burnable recyclable cans bottles

grocery bag is recyclable in japan, but in other towns it is burnable.

anotehr difference: money all the bills are the same size and its confusing.