The Hollow Earth

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History of people thining that the earth is hollow

Haley was very into it. He had a notion that the earth is made of concentric circles, with other worlds. The bottom of each earth iluminates the one below it.

Haley presented this in detail to the Royal Academy

Got picked up in the 1800s inthe US, a character named Sims. The poles have holes where the earth can be entered. It is empty in the middle. He recruited boats and funding from the government (partly under pretense of finding north west passage)

His follower went often to the south pole. They expected that there was a barrier of cold. on passing, everything warms up. perhaps related to hyperboreans of the greeks.

The insde of the earth is lit by the sun for the same reason that a wall not in light is lit. Also suspected many creatures of being from lower levels. This guy, the student of Sims, tried many times and failed to get to south pole. He hypthoseized/collected a whale, a giant whale, that melville turned into moby dick. EA Poe also picked the guy up. And verne read Poe and built on the same ideas. Verne had the journey to the center of the earth.

The Nazis believed that the earth was the inside of a hollow sphere, one of many going to infinity. stars are dust suspended in the sphere. Germans attempted bouncing radar off the sky.