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This year's talks went great. And you can watch/hear them!

Enfascination 2011

Topics included:

  1. Images of Rural India
  2. The Opposites Game
  3. Reconciling Subjectivity and Objectivity
  4. German Compund Words
  5. TEDxBloomington
  6. Manipulating Children
  7. Physics of Time
  8. Animal Training on Humans
  9. Constructed Languages
  10. This Week's Weather
  11. The XYZs of Body Language
  12. Bengime, Revisited
  13. Light Filtration Through Orchards
  14. Our Limits in Visualizing High Dimensional Spaces
  15. Replacing the Corporation as the Unit of Economic Activity
  16. Female Orgasm
  17. Sex Magic
  18. Twin Studies

These came from Forrest, Lisa, George, Marta, Brian, Jaimie, Destin, Abbie, me, Jen, Danny, Ben, and also Mandy, Austin, and Devin who came way down from Ann Arbor.