Full of sweets, but still feel halo-halo inside

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Philippines has some local ice-cream. We found a Filipino Neapolitan mix of three flavors and threw it into the grocery cart. It was a combination of Keso, Ube, and Leche Flan. Just like the Tagalog kumusta means como esta?, keso is queso---it was a cheese-flavored ice cream. Ube is a local tuber, a purple sweet-potato-type thing. It has a starchy bland sweetness.

I was eager to try those two far out ones, and I was confident that if they were horrible, the safer leche flan flavor would save the day. The keso tasted sweet and empty, except for little bits of cheese whiz in it. The ube ice cream ended up tasting like buttered popcorn ice cream would. And the day-saver, the leche flan, was as bad as anything. It actually tasted like a lime ice cream, except not in any good way.