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If a student gets cited for violating copyright claims on campus, they end up having to take a quiz. Here is a subset of the questions. A user has to score 10/10 to keep internet access from personal computers on campus. The only unintuitive question of these is the last: IU does not actively search for violations.

  1. If the music industry is overpricing their CDs, you have a legal right to download the files for free from a file sharing network such as Kazaa. True False
  2. If the latest popular movie can be viewed by online streaming somewhere on the Internet, then you have a legal right to download the whole movie, save it to your computer, and share it with others using a file sharing program. True False
  3. It is okay for me to download whole copies of copyrighted movies or songs for my own personal use without the permission of the copyright holder, because I am not making any money off of them. True False
  4. A copyright owner can take legal action against an individual possessing or sharing whole copies of their copyrighted files without their permission. True False
  5. If I don't agree with the law, I may make my views known to my government representatives. True False
  6. If a copyright owner tries to sue you for downloading or distributing one of their copyrighted works without permission, you can just say that you didn't know it was illegal, explaining that all your friends do it, and then you can no longer be held liable for your actions. True False
  7. If you disable your file sharing application from sharing files on your computer, even though you still download and save whole copies of copyrighted works for your personal use, you will no longer be breaking the law. True False
  8. If a copyright owner discovers your computer downloading or sharing one of their works, the copyright owner can subpoena Indiana University for information to identify you. True False
  9. If your friend comes to your room and uses your computer to download copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder, you can be held responsible because it is your computer that is identified when IU receives the copyright complaint. True False
  10. Indiana University actively searches for instances of copyright violation on the IU network. True False