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I had the most amazing tofu cheese. Really fantastically amazing. Better than any soft cheese I can think of, rich and savory and the best of everything. It was a tofu made with a mix of bean curds and milk curds. So, like, cheese---there is actual cheese in it. Very east-by-east-west, like the rest of Hokkaido, Japan

This discovery led me to a past memory, one that was related in some way that I didn't pin down immediately. I lived in this ridiculous biscuit factory in Cambridge, MA. When I found out that it used to make arrowroot cookies, I determined to give it a try. I dug up a recipe and made amazing cookies! I didn't expect them to be so good, because I didn't have any memory that arrowroot could work that well. Arrowroot is a common vegan egg substitute. That is how I was introduced to it: in a huge house full of excited, fantastic veggie cooks. And with that context, it never even occurred to me that arrowroot and butter would have this amazing synergy.

So what does it all say: Vegan substitutes can be great, and they can do things that you can't do without them. And the same is at least as true of dairy products. So it is only natural that all these things will work Even Better Together.

I don't hate on people with different diets than me, and I don't bear any resentment at society for failing to run its innovations by me before going forward. That said, I might be doing some of that triumphant reactionary thing; Next project: cook every recipe in a vegan cookbook exactly as recommended but also with butter and/or cream. non-vegan vegan food. Surely the best of both worlds.