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I decided to give a try creating deep zoom images as replacements for the powerpoint presentation that characterizes all lab meetings. The openzoom community is pretty solid and I made something pretty.

Here is what I got:

It wasn't the smoothest, but all the problems can be overcome, even if it isn't currently clear how I might do that. Here are the changes I would make:

  • Improve the workflow (described below) to not take three hours. I'd presumably do this by learning to script the whole thing, and perhaps hack together sparse images, which ought to make a huge difference. This would also allow me to do super neat things like embed entire slides in the asterisk that usually refers to a footnote.
  • Change the keyboard keys to pan by a whole screen width instead of the 5% that is programmed in. This would create the illusion of a powerpoint presentation
  • Also come up with some keyboard navigation scheme to jump to different points of interest on the image, as is supported in a few examples I've seen (mostly the Microsoft implementations).

Here my notes: first openzoom presentation notes