The earth at the center of the earth

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Satellite photo of Taal. Google maps
Fish farms in the outer lake. Hundreds of them light up the lake at night.
Up close. These floating farms raise Tilapia. It is kind of killing the lake. As killing lakes goes this isn't so bad, since the whole thing is going to boil in the next 1000 years.
This is the inner lake, with a view of Vulcan Point.
The acids and other nasty chemicals in the lake make some pretty rocks.
Graffiti by the edge of crater lake.
An Earth on a rock in a lake in an island in a lake in an island in an ocean on earth.
South America up for Eduardo.

I littered today---I left a little marble in a volcano in another volcano. It was a gift from my inspiring old happy friend Rafael Jesus Gonzalez. He collects marbles that look like the earth---all shapes and sizes---and he shares them. I brought one to the Philippines so that I could take it to this volcano. Part of my family lives an hour south of Manila, and right on the rim of Lake Taal.

Lake Taal was formed after Taal Volcano blew its top a few aeons ago. The site stayed active and another volcano formed inside the crater of the first. It is known as Volcano Island and also Taal Island. That second volcano also blew its top a few aeons ago and another lake formed in its crater. This Crater Lake stinks of sulfur, and parts of it are hot enough to cook an egg. It has a small island in the middle---Vulcan Point---the only island in a lake in an island in a lake in an island in an ocean on Earth.

I brought the marble inside the craters to create a little nest for it. From Tagaytay City you've got a ~5km drive about 700m down to ~sea level. Taal Island is a 20 minute boat ride across the big crater. Then you have about a hike (1-4 hours) from the beach up to the rim and down into the inner crater. If you ever go, you don't need a guide (could help, not neccessary) and don't pay more than 1500 pesos for the boat ride. Also, Wikipedia says that you shouldn't really be in the crater at all: "the Main Crater remains off-limits because hazardous steam-driven explosions may occur, along with the possible build-up of toxic gases. Areas with hot ground and steam emission such as portions of the Daang Kastila Trail are considered hazardous."[1]

Once you are in the inner crater, it is harder to get to the inner inner rock, Vulcan Point. The Point is near the edge of the lake at one point that I couldn't reach with what I brought. So I couldn't plant the marble there, but I found a fine fine smaller rock just in the lake.

That is where I planted the marble---the Earth in a lake in an island in a lake in an island in an ocean of Earth.