Enfascination 2012 audio


Some things take time, but it only takes an instant to realize that you have no idea what’s going on. This epiphany-every time it happens-is punctuated by the sound of 500 stars around the universe literally exploding, dissolving their planets and neighbors in flaming atoms, in silence. It happens every instant, forever. As right as you were, its impossible for you to know how right.

The 2012 program from May 5, 2012, featuring:

  • “Hoosier Talkin’,” Sarah on the southern Indiana dialect
  • “A brief history of Western art” by Eran
  • “Introduction to conducting” by Greg
  • “Infant perception” by Lisa
  • Poems read by Jillian
  • “The paleoclimatology of the Levant” by Seth
  • “Tweepop” by Robert
  • “Direct perception” by Paul Patton
  • “Slide rules” by Ben