Chrome extension: Facebook deconditioner

I used to find myself on Facebook even when I did not want to be there. Now that doesn’t happen any more. Every time I go I have to click through a bunch of popups. The number of popups increases by one each time I return. I can still check the site, it just takes a little work, and a little more work each time.

With the carefully engineered convenience of these sites, you can reach a point where spasms of muscle memory override your own intentions about where you want your mind. If you think a small simple barrier would help you be a more mindful consumer of social media, you can install an extension I made for Chrome.

Even if you check the “do not show popups” box every time, this plugin will still force at least three clicks before every page access. And it will still make it easier to stop than to continue. And it will still keep count.


Here is the early code (you can ask me for more recent code). And these pages are useful for authoring.


This entry was posted on Monday, May 19th, 2014 and is filed under straight-geek, tricks.