AI in the classroom

At Davis I teach a course that introduces programming by starting with motivation before principles. That means it’s a course about doing fun stuff. And I just added an assignment for playing with the OpenAI API.

It’s an online course with its own security requirements, and so I regularly have the students submitting video in which they flash their IDs. To play with that habit, I ask them to modify code for OpenAI’s Vision API to give me a

A {style} {animal} holding its ID up to a webcam.

Here are their submissions. I don’t have all the prompts that students filled in with, but some are in the filenames. With some, I do wonder if all of these submissions are real AI-made images as opposed to mere human-made submissions, but I have no way to confirm, so I can only enjoy the irony of suddenly being concerned that my students are manually doing their homework instead of using AI.

If it looks fun, here are the OpenAI demos, #1 (text) and #2 (images and audio) for you to play with.


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